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Olive garden

The Olive Garden has 129 olive trees, which are ecologically maintained. There are three types of breeds: Gordal, Silvestre, and Manzanilla. Gordal is a typical Spanish breed which gives large, firm, chubby olives. The flesh is soft with a central ‘stone’ that contains the seed. Gordal olives have a low sugar and high oil content. Silvestre is a subvariety of Olea europaea europaea and provides olives with a refined and a full-bodied taste. Manzanillas are more soft and smaller. These trees are very productive but are susceptible to damage from cold weather. 

The Olive Garden is south west orientated, situated in a side valley of the sunny and green Jalon Valley. The north, south and west winds are all influenced by the meditaranian sea which makes for a mild breeze and a mild climate year round. At the east side of the region there are mountains to protect from the inland heat in the summer, and cold temperatures and Atlantic rains in the winter. Spring and autumn have concentrated heavy rains which are retained in the calcareous soil. The temperature nearly never drops under zero. This combination gives a perfect mix to produce tasteful olive oil.  

November is the period to collect the olives.  Each year, we organise an olive collecting event. Apart from collecting olives, also more gastronomical activities and excursions are organised.  The olives directly are cold pressed in Gata the Gorgos to produce very tasteful extra virgin olive oil. 

In 2019 we collected 560 kilos of olives which provided 111 liters of olive oil. The taste of the olive oil in 2019 was, especially judging by the comments made by the local Spanish, delicious and well balanced and halfway summer 2020, all oil was already sold out.

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